Friday, July 18, 2008

Let Us Create:

Here are images of beautiful handmade creations by an American artist, Ravyncrow.

Looking at them makes my spirit sing.

The titles are: Early Spring Morning and Blue Bayou - Fling Your Bling.

Thank you, Ravyncrow for creating something unique and adding joy and beauty to the world!


So much of of our (crappy) lives are thrown at us, or sold to us by corporations - the government. Let us create our own lives with our own meaning. We need to create our own culture instead of having it crammed down our throats without our scrutiny. Let's buy from American craftspeople and artists! Buy American!

It is very unpopular nowadays to complain. Whining and complaining is a fine art. It takes reflection- and remember: An unexamined life is not worth living. There is nothing wrong with having compassion for one's self! Please participate in my whiner's poll. And if you would like to let it out, please post under comments here! I want to hear from you, Dear, and I can give advice if you want. I will answer all posts!


Below is an interview with Ravyncrow and more photos of her work.