Monday, November 17, 2008

I Finally Did It

I finally chose seven blogs and notified them as to the Marie-Antionette Awards. There are so many great great blogs that it is hard to get it down to seven. Oh yes, the rules say at least seven. I could do more. Maybe in time I will. It is a lot of notifying.

I really took note of Lavendars Garden's blog. She is thinking of ways to help others. I think it is wonderful and I am going to participate.

I think it is great to help out the shops that hvae not had a lot of sales and/or have people in need. One of her ideas is to create treasuries with undiscovered shops!!!! What a great idea!!! I am working on it and a lot of other ideas. To see her ideas, please go to her blog.

Many Blessings To All!!!!