Saturday, May 8, 2010

DaxDesigns Bead Art

Here is an amazing talent with beads, Dax Design's Bead Art. Located in Australia, this bead artist brings bead work up to fine art. Her name is Glenda. She creates original handcrafted bead art jewelry and keepsakes.

The following is from Glenda's bio:

" Glenda's beadart is inspired by shapes, patterns, colors and meanings of cultural and natural worlds near and far. Many of her designs use traditional beadweaving techniques that women have used in diverse cultures over time to create beadwork of great beauty and significance to their daily lives. Some of this beadwork carries hidden messages, some forms their dowry and much of it contains their wealth in a wearable form. All of it intrigues, enchants and inspires me to use beads to create wearable bead art that celebrates this tradition and brings diversity to what we see and wear and in daily lives."

I feel that my life is enriched just by looking at Glenda's work. Please visit her Etsy shop for looking at her many beautiful creations!  Here are some links for DaxDesign:

First, Glenda's Etsy shop: 
Her destash shop on Etsy, DaxDestash:
Glenda's Blog, DaxDesigns: