Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Diverse Works of Kathy Crabbe

She is an artist, a poet, a cartoonist, a printmaker, a psychic, a publisher and works in several mediums. I had a lively and gentle chat with Kathy. She put me at ease, entertained me and intrigued me. The time flew! I met Kathy on the Etsy forums. Etsy is a popular online marketplace for all things handmade. Kathy has had her Maude Shop there for three months. She also has 2 other shops on Etsy with the links below.
Childlike, yet sophisticated - is how I would describe Kathy Crabbe’s work. She discovered that by drawing with her left hand, her non-dominant hand, that her work took on some added dimensions. I asked her if she thought that it tapped more into her subconscious that way. She replied, “Yes, accessing the right side of the brain and also more of an Asian aesthetic.” And so the “Lefties” were born. As Kathy describes in her Maude Shop: “In the winter of 2001 I discovered my non dominant left hand had something to say so I listened! Over the next 5 years I discovered a whole bunch of new friends. They just appeared on my doorstep, ALL 500 OF THEM (!!!)” The Lefties come in the forms of greeting cards, small prints and laminated silk earrings in the Maude Shop. The lefties were made into a deck of cards when she was doing psychic readings.
Her Maude Shop on Etsy is named for independent, feisty and fun troublemakers like Maude, 79 year old star of the 1970's movie "Harold & Maude." Kathy’s lefties certainly deliver. Here is what some of her customers have to say:

"The world needs more of your kind of clever silliness" - Linda B.

"I've never seen anything like it...I laughed out loud" - Michael P.

"I think I know all these people" - Susan R."zen-like" - Mary F.

To see Kathy’s fun and feisty cards go to The Maude Shop on Etsy: And there are laminated silk earrings that Kathy told me light shines through them…

Did I mention her work is diverse? Kathy also has silk paintings at her other shop:

She has a press with prints for sale!

Kathy Crabbe’s blog:
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Kathy V. Crabbe resides in Temecula, California, with her pet dog and pet husband.